30 experts enrich and deepen your journal writing. New, occasional, and dedicated diary writers get tips, prompts, and telecasts for journal keeping.
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The International Association for Journal Writing:
Who We Are and What We Offer You

I'm Ruth Folit, the founder of the IAJW. During the last four decades I've found journaling to be invaluable for untangling the knots in my life. When I designed the journal software, LifeJournal, to bring journal writing into the 21st century, I created solutions for journal writers. After years of writing, reading, researching, and speaking to thousands of journal writers, I know what many journal writers want: 

  • to write consistently, deeply, and authentically
  • to keep journaling fresh and enjoyable
  • to be inspired to journal without hesitation or resistance
  • to explore their inner lives and make changes to their outer lives
  • to get the most of journaling

The Journal Council at IAJW--a group of 30 of the best known journal experts--offer real solutions and practical guidance. We know how to help you get more out of your journaling: to write often, in your own voice, and move into new and deeper territory. To help you find the gold in your journals. To help you know yourself better. To help you make connections, gain insights, see life patterns, and ultimately make the life changes you want--whether it is to improve relationships, to figure out how to move forward through a transition period, to balance your emotions, to improve your health, or to become a better writer.

Today, whether you are a novice, a casual, or an experienced and dedicated journal writer, I invite you to become a member of the International Association for Journal Writing and get started right away. I'll introduce you to  Journal Council members who will offer you ideas, prompts, techniques and tips, and interact with you to enrich and enhance your journaling and who will help you keep a journal that will change your life.

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