30 experts enrich and deepen your journal writing. New, occasional, and dedicated diary writers get tips, prompts, and telecasts for journal keeping.
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Journal Council Members--The Journaling Experts of the International Association for Journal Writing

The Journal Council is a group of dynamic experts that comprise the top thinkers--the movers and the shakers in the world of journal writing. Each has contributed articles to IAJW and each council member will be a part of an hour teleseminar, discussing their body of knowledge within journaling. You can attend the live teleseminar and ask questions of these experts. We'll also have the recordings and transcripts available to members.

Some Journal Council members will also offer classes or webinars through IAJW and partake in discussion forums. This is an astounding gathering of the best of the best journal writing experts, with information and interaction available to each of you!

About Kathleen Adams
Kathleen Adams LPC, RPT is a best-selling author and psychotherapist. . . . More...
About Christina Baldwin
In 1977, when my first book on journal writing was published, the Library of Congress had to create a new category for the book--"therapeutic uses of journal writing," so my relationship to this garden of knowledge is having been here from the beginning of the modern renaissance in personal writing. I have contributed two classics to the field, One to One, Self-Understanding through Journal Writing, (1977, rev. 1991) and Life's Companion, Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest (1990--revised sub-title Journal Writing as a Spiritual Practice, 2008). My most recent book on writing, Storycatcher, Making Sense of our Lives through the Power and Practice of Story, is based on my passion for the stories of our lives that emerge from this practice. . . . More...
About Rachel Ballon, Ph.D.
Rachel Ballon, Ph.D., is a licensed psychotherapist for over 30 years in private practice and the Founder/Director of the Writer's Center where she specializes in the use of writing therapy with clients.  Referred to by the Los Angeles Times as "Doc Hollywood," she also deals with writers, acto . . . More...
About Rosanne Bane
Rosanne Bane is a creativity coach, teaching artist, speaker and author. Rosanne specializes in helping creative people understand why it's so hard at times to do the very thing they love to do and what to do about that resistance. . . . More...
About Sheila Bender
I am best known as a person who has helped hundreds of people shape their personal experience for the page, beginning with the kind of exercises you can do in a journal. Having authored books on writing personal essays and personal poetry, I wrote two on keeping a journal using the strategies professional writers use in their finished books and personal journals. . . . More...
About Gillie Bolton
Gillie Bolton has written a journal for over 25 years. This, and her experience of helping many people to write, has helped her develop her theory, practice, many books and publications. Her wide client group has included those struggling with: depression, anxiety, incurable cancer (children & adults), terminal diagnoses, bereavement, unemployment, substance abuse, being a student. She trains professionals to offer journal writing, including: physicians, healthcare professionals, clinical psychologists, therapists, counselors, clergy, teachers. . . . More...
About Susan Borkin
Susan Borkin is a psychotherapist and speaker based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Passionate about journaling for psychological healing and growth, she has specialized in the therapeutic use of writing since 1978. With over three decades of clinical experience she integrates a variety of modalities into her work including creativity, positive psychology, and gestalt therapy. Known for her ability to teach practical strategies in clear and accessible language, she consults with and trains mental health professionals in how to use therapeutic journaling with their clients. . . . More...
About Lucia Capacchione
Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., A.T.R., originated the Creative Journal Method in 1976 when she began teaching her method at the YWCA in Santa Monica, CA. She had used drawing and writing in a journal to heal herself from a mysterious and debilitating physical condition in 1973. As an arti . . . More...
About Joyce Chapman
Joyce Chapman is a dreamer, teacher, author, speaker, and dream/journal coach. She is a leading expert in the field of journal keeping. . . . More...
About John F. Evans
John F. Evans, MAT, MA , Ed.D. is a writing clinician and integrative health coach who speaks at national and international conferences and symposia about the power of writing to create better health, overcome trauma, and build resilience. . . . More...
About Leia Francisco
Leia Francisco, M.A., CJF is a life coach, journal facilitator, and writer. She has been a senior manager, consultant for corporations and government, and nationally recognized leader on women's issues. . . . More...
About CoCo Harris
Harris is a mother of three way cool daughters and a native of Atlanta, GA. After receiving her BS in Electrical Engineering from Howard, she became a patent law professional working in biomedical technology for the United States Patent Office. She entered the U. S. Patent Bar in 2000 and began representing individuals, firms, and corporations in Intellectual Property Law concerns regarding Patents. On the other side of her life and brain, dubbing herself a lifetime diarist . . . More...
About Peggy Heller, Ph.D.
Peggy Osna Heller, Ph.D., LCSW/C, PTR, is a social worker, clinical poetry therapist and a master mentor/supervisor. Peggy is a life-long lover of words, keeper of journals she calls her "logs," and teacher of English in her earlier professional career. In more recent years, she has taught c . . . More...
About Robb Jackson
I like to work with people who don't like to write and don't see the relevance of journaling in their personal lives. For the past three years I've been working with non-violent felons, both male and female, who have been sent to a county-run substance abuse rehabilitation program as an alternative to prison. Over the the past 30 years I've worked with all kinds of reticent writers in all sorts of venues, including public schools (grades 3-12), universities, mental hospitals, alternative schools, after-school programs, churches, a children's treatment center, an authors camp for entering 2nd and 3rd graders, even enlisted men in a naval hospital drug and alcohol awareness program. . . . More...
About Beth Jacobs, Ph.D.
The theme of my work in journaling and the title of my book is Writing for Emotional Balance. As a therapist and writer for many decades, this theme surfaced over and over when I examined the drive behind peoples' personal writing. Most often, we write because we don't know what to do with something we feel. . . . More...
About Eric Maisel, Ph.D.
Eric Maisel, America's foremost creativity coach, is the author of more than twenty books, among them Deep Writing, Coaching the Artist Within, Fearless Creating, Affirmations for Artists, Creativity for Life and The Van Gogh Blues. He has created Quotable Muse journals (Artists Speak, Writers and Artists on Love, and Writers and Artists on Devotion) and decks for creativity and inspiration (Everyday Creative, Everyday Smart and Everyday Calm). He provides workshop internationally in venues like London, Paris, and San Francisco, works with individual creativity coaching clients, and trains creativity coaches. . . . More...
About Mark Matousek
Mark Matousek is the author of two bestselling memoirs, Sex Death Enlightenment: A True Story and The Boy He Left Behind: A Man's Search for His Lost Father. . . . More...
About Debora McCulliss
Debbie, RN, MS, CAPF, CJI is a poet, writer, wellness educator, Certified Applied Poetry Facilitator who for the past four years has focused on facilitating writing/poetry classes and retreats, writing poetry and memoir, and studying narrative medicine. . . . More...
About Linda Trichter Metcalf, Ph.D.
Linda Trichter Metcalf, Ph.D. author and educator, has been hailed as "an original thinker in the field of creativity." A native New Yorker, she graduated from the High School of Performing Arts in Manhattan and the City College of New York, and received her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in literature from . . . More...
About Deena Metzger
Deena Metzger is a poet, novelist, essayist, storyteller, teacher, healer and medicine woman who has taught and counseled for over forty years, in the process of which she has developed therapies (Healing Stories) which creatively address life threatening diseases, spiritual and emotional crises, as well as community, political and environmental disintegration. . . . More...
About Sue Meyn
My life with therapeutic writing began many years ago now, when I was going through personal upheaval and loss. I felt disconnected, a bit lost, and was magically guided to pick up a pen and begin to write. It saved my life. As I continued on in my counseling career I used . . . More...
About Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg
Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg is the 2009-2013 Poet Laureate of Kansas, the author or editor of 16 books spanning many genres, and the founder of Transformative Language Arts at Goddard College. She has a PhD in poetry/women's studies/mythology, and is certified in poetry therapy, grassroots organizing, and as a yoga teacher who often combines language's poetic power with yoga. A native of Brooklyn and central New Jersey, Caryn has lived in her beloved adopted home of Kansas for over 30 years, where she regularly writes of the sky and earth. . . . More...
About Samara O'Shea
I've been an avid journal writer for the past fifteen years and am only now coming to appreciate how beneficial this practice has been for my mental well being and emotional evolution. I have written an ode to the art of keeping a journal entitled Note to Self: On Keeping a Journal and Other Dangerous Pursuits (HarperCollins, 2008). The most obvious danger in keeping a journal is taking the risk that other people might read it, but I think the greater danger lies in being unabashedly honest with yourself. Human nature has us lying to ourselves all the time about career pursuits, relationships, and our own insecurities. A journal is an effective way to start an open and honest dialogue with yourself. In addition to instructions and insights on the practice itself, I also include many of my own journal entries in the book. I believe in teaching by example. . . . More...
About James W. Pennebaker, Ph.D.
James W. Pennebaker is Bush Professor of Liberal Arts and the Departmental Chair in the Psychology Department at the University of Texas at Austin, where he received his Ph.D. in 1977. He has been on the faculty at the University of Virginia, Southern Methodist University, and, since 1997, The Unive . . . More...
About Judy Reeves
Judy Reeves is a writer and teacher who has published four books on the craft of writing. Judy has led journaling groups and taught journal-writing for more than two decades. . . . More...
About Dana Reynolds
Dana Reynolds, M.A., Theology, is retired bishop of the Western Region of Roman Catholic Women Priests. A spiritual director and writer, Dana has been teaching and facilitating the feminine spiritual/creative process the past twenty years. . . . More...
About Gabriele Rico, Ph.D.
A Professor of English and Comparative Literature and Creative Arts at San Jose State University, Dr. Rico is author of the best-selling Writing the Natural Way (1983, 2002) and Creating Re-Creations: Inspiration from the Source (2002). She is co-author of several textbooks, including Discovering Literature (Prentice Hall). She has just published The Power of Story: Writing to Shape Experience (Absey Press, 2009), focusing on channeling human emotions constructively through writing. . . . More...
About Pat Schneider
Poet and author of nine books, including Writing Alone and With Others, Oxford University Press, 2003, and Another River: New and Selected Poems, Amherst Writers & Artists Press, 2005. Pat Schneider is internationally known as a writer and teacher of writing. . She is founder and director emerita of Amherst Writers & Artists, which sponsors creative writing workshops and retreats throughout the U.S. and in several other countries. . . . More...
About Kate Thompson. MA
Kate Thompson is a BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy) Senior Accredited Counsellor and Supervisor and Journal Therapist based in the UK and works face-to-face, by telephone and online. She was educated at Cambridge University and trained in journal therapy with Kay Adams. She introduced journal therapy to the UK and uses it with clients in therapy, personal and professional development groups and in supervision. . . . More...
About Mary Reynolds Thompson
Reynolds Thompson, CPCC, CAPF, believes in the power of the written word to change the world. She also understands the level of commitment, courage and craft that it takes to get a book published. Founder of Write the Damn Book, a company that guides writers on the heroic path from procrastination t . . . More...
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