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Below is a complete index of all articles on this site - presented in the most current to oldest article sequence. We're constantly adding more articles. Click to open the full article.

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Displaying Matches 1 thru 60 of 111 Found     NEXT

Thoughts from Sheila Bender on Writing Poetry
In Port Townsend, WA where I live, the daffodils have been up several weeks. As usual out here, it looks like we'll get rain this next week and certainly lots during the month of April, but I remind myself that it will benefit the coming spring and summer flowers, my many favorites, blue forget-me-nots, orange calendula, red poppies, orange poppies, lavender poppies and pink peonies in my yard and those of my neighbors. As I await these splashes of color and the warmth and sun, I'll enjoy another kind of garden--in the US, April is National Poetry Month and poems and discussions about poetry will be sprouting in the media. . . . More...
The List: A New Look at an Old Journal Writing Technique
Ruth Folit
We were three generations--from 65 years old to 4 years old--spending a few late afternoon hours paddling in kayaks and canoes on Sarasota Bay. Miren, the granddaughter of a close friend, is very curious and observant and I love to spend time with her when she's in town. She's keenly aware of her world. As we walked around the yard, she smelled the herb rosemary growing by the back door. Miren wanted a sprig of it to carry around so she could sniff it whenever, which when she did, a radiant smile rippled across her face. And as we headed to the nearby beach edge to put in our small watercraft, her face wrinkled painfully with the sulfur smell of low tide mixed with a splash of rotting seaweed. No surprise, with Miren there are a lot of "why?" questions that pop up in our conversations. . . . More...
Five Minute Exercises: A Key to Overcoming Writers Block
Barbara Abercrombie
Early in her career, Patti Smith got writer's block: "I would go as far as I could and hit a wall, my own imagined limitations," she writes in her memoir Just Kids. And then her friend Sam Shepard gave her some good advice, "When you hit a wall, just kick it in." . . . More...
Getting Started: Time and Inspiration
Barbara Abercrombie
So where do you find the extra hours, or even minutes, to write? You make the time, you don't find it. (Like most clichés, this is true.) Whole novels have been completed because the author got out of bed an hour earlier to write every morning or stayed up an hour later each night. Or you turn off the TV and spend the evening at your desk instead of on the couch. You jot down notes on the bus on your way to work. You schedule three hours over the weekend and make note of the time on your calendar as if it were an important appointment. And it is. . . . More...
Writing to Heal: Can I Write Myself Well?
by John Evans
Wellness and writing are connected in ways we are only beginning to understand and use. The literature of several healthcare professions suggests that for many people wellness and writing can be closely connected, and that writing is useful for obtaining and sustaining emotional, physical, and spiritual health. . . . More...
Reflective Journal Writing for Social Worker Well-Being
Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC
During my first ten years as a social worker, I worked in high stress and often high trauma roles: an intake and after hours child welfare social worker, a crisis response counselor with at-risk youth, and a medical social worker within the emergency department and intensive care unit of a hospital. I did my best to consistently practice self-care as a way of managing stress and mitigating the effects of exposure to both direct and indirect trauma that were "just part of the job." . . . More...
Trance Writing
Ruth Folit
I enjoy using “Trance Writing” sometimes when I journal. Trance Writing is writing with eyes closed, in a relaxed, even trance-like state (Ira Progoff . . . More...
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