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Feature Articles about Journal Writing by Journal Council Members

Find the latest feature articles about journal writing here! We generally post new articles weekly, and here's where you can find them. Click on any headline below to read the full article on some aspect of journal writing. And be sure to click the 'view more articles' link at the bottom of the page to read articles you may have missed. Also go to "Articles by Subject" to see clusters of articles by topic, and go to "Article Index" for a complete listing.

Thoughts from Sheila Bender on Writing Poetry
In Port Townsend, WA where I live, the daffodils have been up several weeks. As usual out here, it looks like we'll get rain this next week and certainly lots during the month of April, but I remind myself that it will benefit the coming spring and summer flowers, my many favorites, blue forget-me-nots, orange calendula, red poppies, orange poppies, lavender poppies and pink peonies in my yard and those of my neighbors. As I await these splashes of color and the warmth and sun, I'll enjoy another kind of garden--in the US, April is National Poetry Month and poems and discussions about poetry will be sprouting in the media. . . . More...
Ideas for Journaling to Cope with Overwhelming Emotions
Beth Jacobs, Ph.D.
Exactly what about journaling makes it so useful for emotional relief? So many people take to their writing when feelings boil over and find it really helps manage those feelings. I'm a clinician and author of the guided journal, Writing for Emotional Balance, and this has been my puzzle for over twenty years. . . . More...
Where Your Pen Lands, There Goes Your Attention: Writing as a Way into Thinking
Linda Trichter Metcalf
I teach writing to clarify, deepen, and expand thinking. The demands and goals of this kind of writing are very different from those connected to writing for publication. Writing in the service of thi . . . More...
Excerpt from The Boy He Left Behind
Mark Matousek
I started to write compulsively when I was in the second grade, journals full of secret thoughts and shameful truths that I could tell no one. This isn't an uncommon way to begin; lots of writers tur . . . More...
Cups Full of Story--the Legacy of our Words
Christina Baldwin
The teacups always rested at the back of the china cabinet, and I was twenty years old before I finally touched one. I knew these cups were special, but I didn't know why. "Where did you get these?" I . . . More...
What Haunts Us
Gabriele Rico, Ph.D.
When we write, truly write for ourselves, what Haunts Us? The etymology of "to haunt" comes from the Old French hanter, probably from the Old Norse, heimta, meaning ' to lead home, pull, claim'; we ignore such hauntings at our own peril, for they emanate from us. "Home," according to Lance Morrow, is not just a physical place but, ultimately, the "bright cave under our hat. . . . More...
'Love Again the Stranger Who Was Your Self*': Writing, The Best Medicine
Gillie Bolton
There's more to writing than getting published. At the most basic level creative writing is a dialogue with the self -- and this is the key to its burgeoning use in modern-day healthcare. Teacher, researcher and practitioner Gillie Bolton discusses therapeutic writing. . . . More...
Jump-Starting Your Journal: Five Strategies that Work
Kathleen Adams LPC, CCJF
Date every entry. If you only develop one habit in your entire journal life, let it be this one. A journal tracks change over time and process, and dating your entries gives you a running context for your life. It also offers a particular focus: What is going on in your personal universe on this unique day in history? . . . More...
 Tip of the Week
 Journaling Cycle

Think of Journal writing as an ongoing two part cycle

1. The writing process
2. The harvesting process