30 experts enrich and deepen your journal writing. New, occasional, and dedicated diary writers get tips, prompts, and telecasts for journal keeping.
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Once you join IAJW, for 12 months you'll have access to the teaching and support of 30 journal experts!   There's a dazzling array of materials and formats you can learn from and be supported in your journal writing.

  1. Dozens of readable articles about every aspect (self-understanding; creativity; improved writing; spirituality; emotional balance; health) of journal writing for new journal writers, casual journal writers, and passionate journal writers. Regardless of your journaling experience, you will find new information, new perspectives, and a boost for your journaling.
  2. Monthly live teleseminars--an audio interview with a different member of the Journal Council each month. Ask questions directly to the Journal Council member! Access the recorded teleseminar whenever you want.
  3. Prompts, quotes, and journal tips delivered every four days to your email in-box for one year. These e-mails will inspire you to write more regularly and get your mind moving in new directions.
  4. Motivating videos by leading journal writing experts who offer some background information and then leave you with an idea for journaling.
  5. A Discussion Forum to interact with other subscribers as well as with the Journal Council experts. You'll find like-minded people who value their inner lives, who understand the benefits of journaling, who may have bumped into similar stumbling blocks of journal writing that you have and who have developed solutions. This is a friendly bunch, interested in helping each other!
  6. A monthly newsletter delivered to your email box.
  7. Discounted fees for online classes, groups, and webinars.
  8. Journal writing software and other journal-related products offered at a discount!
  9. Instantly downloadable e-books of some of the hard to get journal writing classics.
  10. A Question & Answer column with some Journal Council members.
  11. AND MORE valuable material coming every week!
For only $49.00 per year (that's less than 14¢ per day, you will have 365 days of a built-in inspiring, encouraging and support journal writing coach!

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